POTS is going away – and it won’t be soon enough for me!

Telecom General
From Fierce Telecom: http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/att-conduct-tdm-ip-transition-tests-alabama-florida/2014-02-28 POTS is Plain Old Telephone Service - It is still used for MANY things and is a giant black hole that businesses are pouring billions per year into - Most credit card machines still use them, but an IP-Enabled Credit Card Terminal does a transaction in under a second versus 25-45 seconds over POTS. A 10-Page FAX can take up to 10 minutes to send over POTS - The same scanned document sends in SECONDS over E-Mail. It is well past time for Analog to go the way of the Mullet and Bell Bottoms!
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FAX – Oh how I hate thee…let me count the ways!

Yet another service call this morning out to a FAX machine that is not working correctly - if there is a technology more deserving of DYING I don't know what it is - you take a perfectly good and readable document most likely created on a computer and reduce it to a low-resolution picture that only a human being can get any information easily off of. And sometimes it is skewed/smeared/faded where even the Human can't use it. Die FAX! Die!
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Linux – More Hands On, but worth it!

OK - This webpage is being hosted on my own WordPress server - I tried various Server OS's and finally settled on one I was happy with, but it was not without it's trials and tribulations - It is also possible that the instructions I was using were out of date - it's sometimes hard to find the "best if used before date" on postings. Having said that, it is worth the extra effort to use FOSS software whenever we can, contribute back in any way you can, and keep telling people about the benefits of Free and Open Source Software. Most of the afflictions that affect Windows and OS-X are due to a very small number of people that are actually able to look at the source - you…
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