Sometimes you REALLY make the right choice!

Asterisk, Linux, Telecom General
We started looking at Asterisk back in 2004 and had our first commercially installed system at the beginning of 2005 at a small church in Albuquerque. At the time we were selling primarily Samsung Digital systems and were trying (unsuccessfully) to sell Interactive Intelligence, a Microsoft-Based VoIP Call-Center solution. We sold quite a bit of Samsung between 2004 and 2007 but by 2007 Asterisk had gotten so good that we dropped Samsung and Interactive Intelligence completely. When we started selling Asterisk solutions, we usually had to spend 10-15 minutes explaining Open-Source software and that we weren't charging for the "Free" software and instead were only charging for our time to implement the software and hardware into a cohesive working PBX. We were rebels - we constantly came up against competitors…
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Patching – Why won’t people do this?

Microsoft, Security
Microsoft Servers are more reliable today than they ever have been - Anything Server 2008 R2 and above is reliable as the day is long - but ONLY if they are kept up to date with Security and System patches.  This is a No-Brainer for us and has allowed Barking Dog Communications LLC customers to avoid all of the various SQL Slammer/Melissa/I Love You/Heartbleed craziness that plagues the Fortune 500 - and now, yet another reason to pay attention to patching - it is an actual documented and fined HIPAA violation - Check this out: $150,000 for not patching their machines - how much would it have cost to patch them?  A tenth of that at most - more likely a hundredth!  That was a very expensive decision.
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