Greg Snover, Owner and Alpha Geek:  
Greg began working on computers professionally at the age of thirteen. He’s worked as a consultant steadily ever since, even while holding other jobs and attending school. He served as a missile technician in the United States Navy, after which he attended the University of New Mexico. He’s worked as a salesman and installation technician for telephone systems and for the computer support department at SAIC, the technology company that supports Sandia Labs. He also hosted a popular, local computer call-in radio show every other Saturday morning for 14 years.
Greg’s wide and interesting range of  jobs gives him an excellent feel for the way businesses operate. However, it’s really his experience at the help desk at SAIC and his experience answering questions on live radio that taught him how easily people can be confused by their technology and why. This understanding established his basic business philosophy: support his client’s productivity by designing phone, data, and internet systems that do the job they need to do.
In 2000, Greg became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on Windows 2000, one of the first computer consultants to achieve this designation in the Southwest. He’s also received the Vonexus EIC Master Certification, and is certified by Samsung on both the iDCS Product Line and SVMi Product Line.
Stephanie Boutz, Manager:
With 25 years of experience owning and running small businesses in New Mexico, Stephanie has a good understanding of the frustrations and rewards of being in charge. The point of solid, useful technology for her is to minimize the frustrations and maximize the rewards. She is Barking Dog’s in house average customer. She knows that it doesn’t matter how flashy or exciting the technology is; it has to be easy to use for people like her, the end user, who just wants to sit down and get the job done.
Gary Snover, Sales Manager:    
Gary joined Barking Dog Communications, LLC in 2005 after twenty years as a traveling regional manager for telecommunications manufacturers. The experience he gained in calling on hundreds of businesses throughout the United States gives him an excellent understanding of the diverse communications needs of businesses nationwide. Gary’s success comes from really listening to his clients to figuring out what they need, finding the best and most economical solution to keep their business running efficiently.
 Paul Dillon, Service Manager:  
Paul began working with computers in 1983 as an Information Tech for DataCorps/First Image. In 2001 he became a computer guy for Barking Dog Communications, LLC. Paul also co-hosted a popular, local computer call-in show on the radio with Greg for 5 years. His experience makes him particularly well suited for figuring out what the problem is on a malfunctioning computer, and teaching users various functions on a properly operating one. Paul achieved his Microsoft Certified Professional designation in 2002.