Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is an important consideration for every business. BDR is a comprehensive off-site data backup plan offered by Barking Dog Communications, LLC. With reliable data backup services, including offsite data backup and backup storage, businesses can trust that their data will always be protected.
A catastrophe can happen at any time. It is imperative for businesses to have continuous data protection housed off-site.
These days, keeping data secure is not only an important matter for businesses, but also for consumers. Failing to protect sensitive consumer information can result in compliance fines and a number of legal issues—not to mention what a security breach can do to your credibility with clients.  Data stored on unsecured networks is vulnerable to interception and manipulation from unauthorized parties. Make sure your proprietary information and intellectual property is protected from falling into the wrong hands with Barking Dog Communications’ data protection solutions. A comprehensive data protection program includes features such as:
Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)
Security Controls on Employees
Compartmentalization of Data
VPN Hardware/Software for companies with multiple locations
With our comprehensive security systems, you will receive continuous data protection and backup so that your sensitive information is never compromised.  Some of the systems we use to keep you secure are:
Daily Backup of Company Data:  Let’s face it, accidents happen. Whether someone unintentionally deletes a file or you have a power failure, you can rest assured that your company data is safe and will be accessible when you need it with secure off site backup services.
Cloud Remote Backup: Cloud remote backup enables you to store data on multiple virtual servers. It’s a must for reliable off site data backup.
Virtualization: This is imperative for disaster recovery and testing. It allows you to protect critical network data at a fraction of the cost of traditional tape backups.
Extensive Daily Reporting:  Daily reporting is important to make sure your data backup services are performing properly. Our backup and disaster recovery system sends you a daily email telling you that the remote data backup happened, the backup was tested, and the test worked correctly.
Make sure you have the best level of customer data protection by contacting Barking Dog Communications, LLC today.