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Let’s Encrypt – Encryption for Everyone!
LOVE these people – SSL Can get pricey – especially if you have many different sites to protect – and most of the competing products (although how do you compete with free?) are REALLY hard to get going – but trust is getting to be a BIG deal out there and both Mozilla and Google have signaled that they are going to start flagging non-encrypted traffic as not safe all the time – more work for the nerds, but well worth it!  See that green lock in the Address bar – Sweet Trustiness!
P.S. – Did I mention it is totally FREE!

So…maybe not the Russians…

A really In-Depth analysis of the data provided by the Intelligence Comunity as far as the Russian Hacking of the last election – I love these Wordfence folks – we just switched to Paid because it is a WordPress-Hostile world out there!  But perhaps not the Russians this time…

More on Encryption

The language is a little coarse (cursing – sorry) but this synopsis is almost spot-on!

Why we all need to use Strong Encryption

A Missive from Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation:
We can move more people from simply consuming the Web to becoming its active citizens, but we need your help.
People like you and I know how fundamental privacy is to the open Web. There are many more who share our values and would join this movement. That’s why we made something to spotlight the importance of online privacy. We’re creating videos for you to watch and then share with friends, family, and colleagues. The videos are designed to be an introduction to the issues we care about — a way for each of us to start important conversations.
This is where you come in: will you watch this first video and then share it? It’s a great tool to start a conversation about privacy with people you know.
This new video series starts simple: it explores why privacy is so important in our everyday lives. In follow up videos we’ll send over the next few weeks, we’ll talk about encryption, and tell the story of how encryption can help enable and protect privacy.
Why do this now? We expect there are a number of significant political battles on surveillance and encryption coming down the pipe. We’re going to need to ask people like you and your friends to take a stand. Before we do this, we want to provide a solid grounding on why encryption matters.
Will you watch the video now and help spread the word?
I look forward to this and many future conversations,
Mark Surman
Executive Director
P.S. This is a new campaign strategy for us and we will learn a lot as the weeks go on. We’d love to hear your feedback — after watching the video, you can reply to this email and let us know what you think. Or send an email to

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