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Truly – the best use for an old Cisco phone…

Sometimes you REALLY make the right choice!

We started looking at Asterisk back in 2004 and had our first commercially installed system at the beginning of 2005 at a small church in Albuquerque.
At the time we were selling primarily Samsung Digital systems and were trying (unsuccessfully) to sell Interactive Intelligence, a Microsoft-Based VoIP Call-Center solution.
We sold quite a bit of Samsung between 2004 and 2007 but by 2007 Asterisk had gotten so good that we dropped Samsung and Interactive Intelligence completely.
When we started selling Asterisk solutions, we usually had to spend 10-15 minutes explaining Open-Source software and that we weren’t charging for the “Free” software and instead were only charging for our time to implement the software and hardware into a cohesive working PBX.
We were rebels – we constantly came up against competitors selling traditional systems that did everything in their power to instill FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in the customers about this “Free-Software” – they would say things like “Who are you going to call when no one takes responsibility for writing the software?” and “It’s free software because no one is willing to pay for it!”.
What drove us crazy then almost makes me laugh now – look how far Asterisk has come!
One of the best statistics I heard yesterday at Astricon-2016 was from the FreePBX folks – quote:
“There are over 600 NEW FreePBX activation’s per day.”
Think about that – in 2004 we were the weirdo outsider trying to implement this upstart FOSS software from an unknown company called Digium and now Asterisk is the dominant player in this space!
When it comes to a VoIP PBX, Asterisk really is the best solution!

Astricon 2016 – Exciting Stuff!

I am attending Astricon 2016 in Phoenix – This is the premiere event for Asterisk Open Source Telephony software and hardware – Check it out here:

Can your server do this…

Our Asterisk Servers running on top of CentOS (which is actually Redhat Enterprise Linux) are some of the most reliable software combinations on the market – don’t believe me? ┬áCheck this out from a customers server we were asked to make a few changes to:

Hah! Comcast Outage map looks like Chicken Pox!

How often do they go down? Often enough for someone to take time to program this:

POTS is going away – and it won’t be soon enough for me!

From Fierce Telecom:
POTS is Plain Old Telephone Service – It is still used for MANY things and is a giant black hole that businesses are pouring billions per year into – Most credit card machines still use them, but an IP-Enabled Credit Card Terminal does a transaction in under a second versus 25-45 seconds over POTS.
A 10-Page FAX can take up to 10 minutes to send over POTS – The same scanned document sends in SECONDS over E-Mail.
It is well past time for Analog to go the way of the Mullet and Bell Bottoms!

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