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We at Barking Dog Communications, LLC are experts with VoIP who take the time to learn and understand the unique characteristics of your business with professional onsite consultations. We had VoIP systems deployed live and efficient in 2004.  This is more than a decade before most of our competitors had even started to contemplate VoIP.  Your business is unlike any other and you need telecommunications solutions that are tailored to meet your business’ specific needs from a company that has a proven track record of delivering efficient, affordable systems.

If you’re just starting a business or you need to make your operations more efficient, our communications experts are here to help. Reliable communications are essential to day-to-day business operations, and need to be expertly designed, installed, and maintained.

We have better solutions for Voice, Data, and the Internet. We have provided professional network solutions to businesses for over 27 years. We can design, and install, a new communications solution for your business, or troubleshoot and manage an existing one. We take care of the technology you use every day, so you don’t have to give it a second thought. Whatever your communication needs, Barking Dog can provide you with technological solutions that work.

Keeping your business streamlined and efficient doesn’t have to be a headache. When we sit down with you, we won’t overwhelm you with geek talk. We’ll make sure you understand exactly what we’re recommending, and why we’re recommending it. We work closely with you to keep your systems performing at peak levels, providing you with the best technological solutions for your business. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, you can count on Barking Dog Communications to provide you with the technology you need to streamline your business.

Barking Dog Communications, LLC is committed to helping businesses in New Mexico run more efficiently and effectively with superior VoIP solutions. We have been providing the greater Albuquerque area with the best VoIP solutions since 1996. We understand that every business is unique and demands tailored technology services that make day-to-day operations more efficient. That’s why we take the time to understand the individual demands of your business so we can design a business system that meets your needs.

We offer ClearlyIP Cloud phone systems that operate using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP communication systems are the most efficient communication solutions for businesses in the 21st century. Our experts will design a user-friendly phone system for you that efficiently takes care of all your telephone, email, conference call, and faxing needs.
You can count on Barking Dog Communications, LLC to provide you with the very best technology available.

Barking Dog Communications, LLC provides superior data protection for your business. Proprietary data and sensitive company information needs to be properly backed up with an appropriate level of encryption to ensure the highest level of security. Make sure your company is sufficiently protected from viruses, hackers, and human error by contacting Barking Dog Communications, LLC today.

At Barking Dog Communications, LLC we can help you cut costs and increase efficiency with secure, stable, and reliable networks. Whether it is a LAN, WAN, and/or VPN, you can count on New Mexico’s most conscientious and detail-oriented computer networking specialist to design and implement effective network solutions with the highest level of security.