Creating, increasing, and maintaining the efficiency of Internet usage is critical to business productivity. Barking Dog Communications, LLC designs, implements, and maintains secure, stable networks for businesses.  From a LAN (Local Area Network) in one office or a WAN (Wide Area Network) linking offices throughout the world with hardware and VPN technology, we do it all.
Barking Dog specializes in Local Area Network Design and management. We also possess unparalleled knowledge and skill in optimizing and maintaining Wide Area Networks. No matter what your Internet needs are, we can help you maximize the efficiency and maintain the security of your network.
LAN Management
A Local Area Network connects all computers in your business to one or more servers, allowing your workstations to share and access files with ease. Building and maintaining efficient LANs can be confusing and time consuming. At Barking Dog, we implement efficient LAN management by simplifying network connections in order to increase Internet efficiency and space optimization. We manage your LAN’s security, administration, account connections, and disc utilization with unsurpassed expertise.
WAN Networks
A Wide Area Network connects multiple LANs over a much larger geographic location.  The experts at Barking Dog are equipped with the knowledge and skill to maintain and troubleshoot WAN Networks by implementing the most efficient WAN Technology and wireless solutions. Our friendly computer system specialists will rid your company of network confusion.
VPN Internet Access
Virtual Private Networks connect remote sites through the use of a public network (the Internet). VPN Internet Access connects workstations through Internet routes instead of linking workstations through real-world LAN/WAN connections; they use encryption for ensured security and enable high-speed, global network connectivity.
Effective Networking Solutions
Barking Dog Communications, LLC defines the best way to use the Internet for your business needs, substantially cutting costs for large corporations and helping small businesses grow. Uncontrolled Internet use by employees is a liability—let us help you control the access in your company.  After all, you don’t have to think big to be big.