Barking Dog Communications, LLC offers professional Local Area Network (LAN) services. The advantages of a Local Area Network are significant.  Information stored on a server can be accessed by any authorized workstation. All connected users can share expensive devices—like scanners and laser printers—and files can be backed up and managed with ease in one secure location. This makes your business’ flow of information more efficient, optimizes production capacity, and saves you a lot of money.
A properly designed and installed network should be invisible to you. It should work so you can work. We design, implement, and maintain networks for businesses; whether it’s one office system or linking offices throughout the world. Our individualized Local Area Network configurations make our network designs:
Functional: They create efficient sharing routes for person-to-person and person-to-application connection.
Adaptable:  They account for future technology. Our designs are cutting edge and allow for future technological expansion.
Manageable: The configurations allow for easy management and monitoring. Barking Dog LAN designs are simple and easy to administrate.
Secure: We implement state-of-the-art wireless LAN security protocols. Your network is your business and our designs will keep intruders out.
Wide Area Networks
Barking Dog Communications, LLC is pleased to offer WAN setup, configuration and management services. Wide Area Networks connect much smaller networks (i.e., LANs) together across a very large geographical area. The area covered by a WAN may be as large as a state, province, or country. WANs operate on Internet service connections. Like VPNs, Wide Area Networks use encryption and state-of-the-art security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized network use.
Like Local Area Networks, WAN technologies benefit your business by enabling efficient file sharing and data transfer. If your business is spread out over multiple geographical locations, a Wide Area Network is the way to go for turning your business sites into one efficient, file sharing, information transferring network!
There are multiple WAN technologies being used in the business world today. Leased Lines, Circuit Switching, Packet Switching and Cell Relay provide the groundwork for connecting today’s local networks while broadband modems, routers, and the cellular phone business provide wireless WAN solutions. Our experts know how to determine your business’ unique needs, and how to design and implement the best tech solutions for you.
As a business owner, you have more important things to worry about in your day than trying to figure out how to fix or operate your Internet and computer network. Let Barking Dog Communications, LLC be the solution to your networking anxieties. At Barking Dog, we are Wide Area Network experts with stable, secure networks deployed worldwide, right now. We’ll make sure the technology works and all you have to do is use it.
Virtual Private Networks
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are private networks that use public networks like the Internet to connect remote sites to host networks. A VPN’s infrastructure mimics the Internet and uses routed Internet connections to enable the connection of sites separated by a large geographical area. Like WANs, VPNs use encryptions and other security measures to make sure that only authorized users access the network. These systems are highly reliable in protecting your sensitive data and network privacy.
A VPN solution is used to connect a client (remote site) to a server (host network). A client first connects to an Internet Service Provider (Dial-Up, ISDN, DSL, etc). The host network then initiates a VPN connection to the client through which the remote site connects to the VPN, and then operates much like a Local Area Network. The VPN solutions are carried out via VPN hardware and software specifically designed for Virtual Private Networks.
Hardware and software configuration is the key to efficient VPN networking. VPN configuration can be tricky and requires technical know-how. We at Barking Dog Communications are experts in installing, configuring, and operating Virtual Private Networking systems. We can optimize your business production through the use of efficiently run VPN networks that just plain work.