Wireless Networking Solutions are high speed networks without the mess of cables. They are highly secure, but can be a potential problem for your business when not managed properly. Barking Dog Communications, LLC is a wireless computer networking specialist. If you are looking to boost file sharing efficiency and productivity in the workplace consider letting us design, install, and manage a wireless network for you.
There are several types of wireless networking available.  We here at Barking Dog specialize in the following types of wireless computer networks:
Wireless LAN: Wireless Local Area Networks connect multiple workstations within a small geographical area to one or more servers.
Mobile VPN: Virtual Private Networks are highly secure networks that connect remote networks to host sites via the Internet.
Whether you want to share files between 3 computers at work or need to connect two networks located in different states, we can provide you with wireless networking solutions that work. From design to routine maintenance, our IT experts cover every detail related to your network to ensure that it runs smoothly.
We handle all the steps:
Design: We understand how to build wireless networks that utilize resources efficiently.
Installation/Configuration: After we design a personalized wireless network for your business, we will install and configure it properly.
Management: We provide proactive network managing services. Our experts are experts at identifying potential problems and eliminating them before any real threat to your network occurs. However, if you do encounter any IT problems, our experts are skilled at identifying, troubleshooting, and fixing problems quickly.
Security: Wireless networks can be vulnerable to infiltration. Without proper security tools, unwanted users can access a network by simply connecting to it. Barking Dog Communications, LLC implements state-of-the-art security methods to provide the highest level of network security. We make sure that your confidential information is protected, and that no unwanted visitors gain access to your business network.