As your IT services provider, we understand that you just want your computers to connect and be ready to use—wherever you need them. That’s what we do. Remote desktop access allows for employees to access work files from any authorized machine, and has many benefits for small businesses. Some of these benefits include:
Increased productivity because employees don’t have to be in the office to access the network
Flexibility with housing office staff because people can work from remote locations
Peace of mind because you have reliable security with our Virtual Private Networks
With our security-enabled remote access solutions, you don’t have to worry if you or your employees can’t get to the office. We can configure computers elsewhere so you and your employees do not have to sacrifice productivity due to unavoidable circumstances.
Authorized Access gives employees the ability to get to important files whether they are in the office or not. With our remote access solutions, access to file sharing networks allows for the most efficient productivity within your business.
As part of our reliable managed services, we can set up a file sharing network for your business that will make file sharing easy and secure. With our file sharing system, you are able to easily control who has access to specific data on your network.
By using a file sharing system, your business doesn’t have to worry about missing important client deadlines. If the person who had been working on the project doesn’t come in on the due date, all you have to do is access their work on your file sharing network. Using a network to save files allows you to have access to everyone’s work so your business is does not have to experience set-backs when someone calls in or doesn’t show up.
We are confident that you will be happy you chose us for all your business communications needs with our reliable, professional services and our availability. We offer IT Solutions that enable you to have secure, predictable IT services without the overhead of a staff IT department.  That saves you money you can allocate to other departments allowing for quicker growth.  Call Barking Dog Communications, LLC today to see how we can optimize your technology.